Animals in Education & Entertainment

In modern society, people have few opportunities to see wild or exotic animals, let alone touch or work with them. While people can learn much about animals from books, movies, and the Internet, there is nothing that will open human eyes, mind, and heart to these wonderful creatures more than seeing an animal in the flesh and observing its behavior in a habitat display or with a trainer or handler.

Circuses, zoos, wild animal parks, aquariums, and private foundations provide opportunities where people can see animals in these situations and thereby foster understanding of and appreciation for other species. The NAIA Trust supports the institutions that responsibly house, breed, train, and otherwise care for these animals, pursue the worthy goals of species conservation and public education, and exemplify the mutually-beneficial relationships that can exist between individual trainers and their animals. The NAIA Trust also opposes legislation and regulations that would rob people and animals of these opportunities.

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