Animals in Research

The NAIA Trust supports animal-based research that is conducted in accord with mandates of the federal Animal Welfare Act and the guidelines of the National Institutes of Health and the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.

Incredible advances in human and animal health have been made as a result of carefully designed and implemented research protocols. Vaccines, anesthetics, pain medications, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, therapeutic drugs, treatment plans for diseases and injuries, and preventive practices have been developed through animal research. At the same time, scientists have improved the care of animals used in research, and they have developed techniques and technologies that led to a reduction in the number of animals needed for biomedical research, refined the techniques that involve animals, and replaced animals with alternatives when possible.

The NAIA Trust also supports the responsible use of animals at all levels of education so that students can gain first-hand experience about animal behavior and physiology for increased awareness about the traits and needs of animals and the importance of animal-based research to medical and environmental science and to society.

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