Pets and Pet Ownership

The NAIA Trust supports responsible pet ownership. The psychological and medical value of close contact with animals has been well established, so in an age when few people work directly with animals or have the opportunity to enjoy nature, the importance of having pets in our lives is greater than ever.

Pet ownership requires effort and commitment, both to the pets and to the society into which we bring them. Responsible pet owners learn about each pet’s specific behavioral needs, budget their time and resources for proper pet care and training, and make sure their pets are not neighborhood nuisances.

The NAIA Trust supports reasonable animal welfare laws and animal control ordinances that protect animals and the rights of all citizens without interfering with the rights of responsible pet owners. The NAIA Trust opposes arbitrary limit laws, breed-specific bans or restrictions, mandatory sterilization laws, breeding permits, exorbitant license fees, efforts to dilute the rights and responsibilities of pet ownership by substituting “guardian” for “owner” in animal laws, and blanket prohibitions on “exotic” pets.

NAIA Trust further believes that the best way to prevent pet-related nuisances is through the establishment of reasonable nuisance ordinances and encourages communities to use the expertise of animal experts in local animal-related clubs and businesses when writing and reviewing animal control laws.

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