Animal Rights Extremism

Animal rights extremism is not simply animal welfare run amok; it is the antithesis of thoughtful, scientific, traditional efforts to enhance animal well-being. Read their quotes here to get a better understanding of their beliefs. To achieve their goal of no animal breeding, no livestock agriculture, no animal research, and no animal exhibits, animal rights extremists provoke hatred for groups of people who breed animals, raise animals for food, wear fur, hunt, fish, conduct research with animals, and train animals for circuses or participate in rodeos.

Animal rights campaigners pretend to be about issues such as more space for chickens, better conditions for breeding dogs and pigs, and protection of wildlife, but they use tactics favored by political radicals for 100 years: they break in, burn, harass, intimidate, trespass, burglarize, spy, lie, distort, disparage, and infiltrate to force the changes they seek. They target relatives, neighbors, and business associates of the people and businesses they mark for destruction, and they use both legal and illegal means to achieve their goals. To gain an insight into their criminal unethical activities glance at the following chronology.

Animal rights campaigns destroy lives. Scientists have lost their reputations, their grants and years of vital research; farmers and pet breeders have lost their animals; and companies have faced years of litigation when these groups took aim. Victims in the last 25 years include the Pacific Ocean tuna fishing fleet, which was falsely accused of deliberately killing dolphins; a scientist researching rehabilitation methods for human stroke patients; another scientist studying childhood deafness; a veterinarian falsely accused of cruelty by an undercover agent schemes from an animal rights group; and countless breeders, farmers, furriers, and others who don’t agree with the radical agenda.  Read more about the deceptive practices used to destroy targets of animal rights zealotry.

Although they rarely espouse the end of all animal ownership and use in public, such a goal is an integral part of the animal rights agenda. The strength of the animal rights movement lies in a masterful manipulation of public opinion that allows the goal to remain hidden while they attract supporters money, and power.

NAIA strongly opposes this fanatic philosophy and instead works with responsible animal owners, handlers, and others to improve conditions that need improving while protecting the rights granted to Americans under the Constitution. Our members love and appreciate animals and the connections we share, and we abhor the use of tactics that depend on deceit and obfuscation to generate donations and validate the disgraceful con game that is the animal rights movement.