The NAIA Trust supports:

  • Responsible dog ownership
  • The breeding and showing of purebred dogs
  • Participation in dog sports and other recreational activities that depend on canine working partners
  • The use of dogs in law enforcement and search and rescue missions and as companions and helpers under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Voluntary spay/neuter and identification of pets and reasonable efforts to rescue unwanted dogs for placement in new homes.

The NAIA Trust opposes coercive legislation aimed at breeders.

Purebred dog owners, breeders, exhibitors, and clubs are the backbone of dog rescue and education efforts and advances in canine medicine. Responsible breeding of purebred dogs provides a wealth of companionship with intrinsic psychological and medical value to the owner and allows millions of people worldwide to benefit from the beauty, health, and predictable personality traits characteristic of a chosen dog breed.

Dog shows provide information on dog care, standards of comparison, and a venue to support rescue efforts. Dog kennel, breed, obedience, and performance clubs are major contributors to community education about responsible dog ownership. They help local shelters through rescue programs and donations and provide aid to individuals who need help with pet dog training, locating a responsible breeder, or with other dog-related questions or concerns. Dog clubs also provide funding for research that provides veterinary advances and benefits all dogs — purebred and mixed breed — through donations of show proceeds and special fundraising efforts.

The NAIA Trust supports animal control efforts that rely on appropriate confinement of dogs to prevent community nuisances and danger to dogs and people, efforts such as strictly-enforced leash laws and reasonable ordinances to protect community health and safety. We oppose breed-specific legislation, dog number limits, and other hasty reactions to perceived or actual dog control problems.

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